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About Our High Class Strippers / Exotic Dancers / Dating

Our high class strippers, exotic dancers & companions are certainly not ordinary, even far from that. They are well trained entertainers, not only intelligent but know exactly how to seduce and pamper. However, spending time with one of our companions will never give you the feeling of being in company of a stripper or dancer. We select our entertainers for their purity and that they really enjoy being a entertainer. In daily life they are usually highly educated women with good careers, students, or successful entrepreneurs. We also work with glamour and fashion models, playmates, the girl next door, and society ladies. However, no matter their background or occupation, they always know how to make you feel like a king.

From Newport beach, Los Angeles, Malibu, Hollywood and Beverly hills. We have the hottest adult entertainment strippers for hire

Selection of Our Entertainers

We are very critical in our selection policy; only a beautiful appearance is just not good enough. We believe that our clientele deserves more. The 1% Agency selects our strippers, exotic dancers, and women available for dating based on their general behavior, character, elegance, sense of style, intelligence, and of course appearance. All our ladies express sophistication and class. You can be sure that they can accompany you in the most elite circles. Heads may turn, but eyebrows will not be raised. We only work with women of whom we are convinced that they can meet the high standards of entertainers and of our clientele. Therefore, the team of women we work with is limited. And most important, our entertainers understand like no other the true meaning of the word discretion. Privacy, confidentiality, and secrecy are our utmost priority at all times. We guarantee that a date with one of our dancers will always be an unrivaled experience - one that only The 1 Percent Agency can offer.

Meet Our High Class Dating Women & Models

Curious about our dating service? Meet our exclusive high class exotic dancers, strippers, & companions and learn everything about them. For personal advice, use our matchmaking service. We are happy to help you find your perfect date.

Role-Play Experience

What can you expect from the Role-Play Experience? The Role-Play Experience is about letting your fantasies come true. Is role-play something that interests you? Imagine the sexy secretary who bends over just a little bit too deep wearing just a short skirt. We are happy to leave it to your imagination. Our strippers can entertain you while pretending to be your sexy secretary, personal nurse, or even a school girl. 

Wellness Experience

Treat yourself with a visit to a sauna where a beautiful and sexy lady will accompany you. Just unwind for a moment in a serene setting. Perfect for a relaxing afternoon or to end your day. Enjoy the sauna, pool, and steam bath. One risk; the temperature will rise even more in the sauna after seeing the sexy body of your beautiful date.

VIP Experience

The VIP Experience is for those who want to really exceed their expectations. Ultimate pampering and pure luxury; that's what you can expect from the VIP Experience. All this with a beautiful lady by your side.

Luxury Overnight

The Luxury Overnight Experience is especially for the man who wants to take the time for a date with a charming and sexy lady, so you can really get to know each other better. You can fill in the time anyway you want. You may start the evening with a romantic dinner, have a drink, visit the theatre, film, or you choose to spend the evening in a different relaxing manner. 

Companionship Only

Our beautiful strippers / exotic dancers & models are also available for Companionship Only. For example, you are invited to attend a party or a corporate event, but you don’t want to appear alone and maybe impress the rest of the guests with a magnificent appearance by your side? Our models are elegant, articulated, entertaining, and know how to act in different circles, even the most elite, and are able to socialize easily.

Sensual Massage

A massage is the perfect way to simply unwind. Just relax for a moment and surrender completely to the pleasure of being touched by another person.

BDSM (Submissive/Dominant)

Everybody is familiar with Fifty Shades of Grey, and many have become fascinated and interested in BDSM. BDSM represents Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism en Masochism. Many people fantasize sometimes about how it would be to be dominated or to dominate. To be tied up or tie somebody up or be spanked of spank someone. 

Lunch & Dessert

Are you looking for a pleasant interlude during your day? For a moment to relax and continue your day afterwards with a smile on your face? Then the Lunch & Dessert Experience is definitely for you. You will meet your model date preferably at your hotel, in close range to your home, or to another address near the restaurant.

Dinner & Dessert

A Dinner & Dessert Experience is the perfect way to get to know each other during an intimate and romantic dinner. A Dinner & Dessert Experience feels more like a real date, making it really a more Girlfriend Experience. You will meet your model date at your hotel, in close range to your home, or at a location near the restaurant.

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